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our expertise


We have specific 'tailor-made' solution to cater to tradeshows, conferences and conventions, entertainment like sports, arts, festivals. Our scope covers the following services:

  • Pre-Tradeshow/event logistics advisory and planning services
  • Freight forwarding and shipping by air/sea/land
  • Obtaining of government permits and licences when applicable
  • Arranging of temporary import/re-export and permanent import formality when applicable
  • Machine and Equipment rigging and installation/de-installation services
  • Packing and Vacuum packing services
  • Storage and handling
  • On-site handling at tradeshow/event
  • Post tradeshow/event logistics planning and handling
  • Insurance


Our years of experience in handling projects have enabled us to 'tailor-made' solution to cover moving of machinery and equipment to new factory installation or factory relocation and oil and gas equipment arshalling work in Asia. Our services include:

  • Project Pre-planning logistics for execution
  • Marshalling and Forwarding of goods from overseas destination
  • Customs documents and clearance on arrival
  • Delivery to site, including unloading, unpacking and rigging services if required.


Our philosophy is to offer you a "one stop service" in MICE Logistics, through our tailor-made logistics solutions and our skilled, experienced, knowledgeable and customer- friendly staff to meet your service requirements at tradeshows and events.


Tailor-made MICE Logistics Solution

No two tradeshows or events are the same! The freight and logistics requirements are different because of factors like time constraint, the venue and the rules governing the cargo handling. Thus, our solutions are often "tailor-made" to meet the requirements and expectation of the customer or tradeshow/event.


One Stop Service

We know how it feels, to be passed from one person to another in an enquiry. Thus, our customer service staff are experienced, trained and constantly updated in the knowledge of shipping and handling of cargo for tradeshows or events. This enables us to offer you a "one stop service" to help you with the logistics planning and decision making of your cargo to a tradeshow or event.


End to End Solution (also often called door to door service)

We have a comprehensive range of logistics services to cover the routings, handling and perils of shipping cargo to a tradeshow or event to be held locally or in another country. Our staff are trained to offer a total "end to end solution" where required. And in the event of an overseas country, we will work with our own affiliated offices and specialised international associates to make it a seamless journey in service to you.


Hassle free experience

Our people are fully trained and experienced in tradeshow, conference and event logistics handling. We know what it means "the show must go on" in a tradeshow, conference or event. Thus, our slogan of "We Offer Solutions and We Deliver Promises" to assure you of a "hassle free experience" when you put your trust in us.


Our Commitment and Assurance

No job is too small or too big for us to handle. We Offer Solutions and We Deliver Promises! This is our commitment and assurance!